Chihuahua Jewelry And Chihuahua Charms

We invite you to view our original and unique Chihuahua jewelry and Chihuahua charm designs. We offer Chihuahua jewelry in sterling silver and gold Chihuahua charms, earrings, pendants and other Chihuahua jewelry designs. Our Chihuahua jewelry and charm designs make wonderful additions to your own Chihuahua jewelry collection as well as perfect gifts for Chihuahua lovers. All of our dog jewelry designs are handcrafted by artists Julian Esquivel and Ted Fees. We are proud to offer you the highest quality and widest selection of dog breed jewelry and dog charms.
Chihuahuas originated in Mexico and they make wonderful pets. There are two varieties of Chihuahuas: Short hair and Long Coat. Chihuahuas come in may color variations but the most popular Chihuahua colors are fawn, red, brown and mixed. Chihuahuas are very loyal to their owners and their temperament more often than not  is larger than their physical bodies. Chihuahuas are very loyal, usually to one or two people and usually are not recommended in households with very small children.

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