Bulldog Figurine Yellow Bronze Handmade Bulldog Figurine Box BD1-BX

Esquivel and Fees

Julian Esquivel's ancient yellow bronze Bulldog Figurine Box is a unique work of art, hand-cast and sculpted by the artist himself.

This figurine weighs 396 grams and meaures 1 3/4 inch wide x 1 3/4 inch deep x 3 1/4 inch high.As a special touch, the box comes with a sterling silver bone mounted inside of the box, engraved with your Bulldog's name.

This beautiful, hand cast ancient yellow bronze Bulldog figurine box by artist Julian Esquivel is a stunning addition to any collection. Each figurine is expertly crafted using the lose wax casting technique and features a hand-carved design. The intricate details of the Bulldog are highlighted by the warm, yellow bronze finish.

The box itself is crafted from solid bronze and features a lid and small box that can be used to hold something of sentimental value.Whether you’re a fan of bulldogs or just appreciate a beautiful piece of art, this figurine box is sure to be a treasured item for years to come.

This Bulldog jewelry design is copyright 2023 by Esquivel and Fees. All Rights Reserved. BD1-BX

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