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Wildlife Jewelry and Charms, Gold and Silver Original Wildlife Jewelry and Charm designs
by Artists Julian Esquivel and Ted Fees

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bear claw jewelry bear paw jewelry buffalo and bison jewelry
Armadillo Jewelry Bear Jewelry Bear Claw Jewelry Bear Paw Jewelry Buffalo and Bison
asiatic buffalo and cape buffalo jewlery cougar jewelry american eagle jewelry elephant jewelry elk ivory jewelry
Asiatic Buffalo and
Cape Buffalo Jewelry
Cougar Jewelry American Eagle
Elephant Jewelry Elk Ivory Jewelry
fox jewelry gorilla jewelry horn jewelry kangaroo jewelry koala bear jewelry
Fox Jewelry Gorilla Jewelry Horn Jewelry and Antler Jewelry Kangaroo Jewelry Koala Bear Jewelry
lion jewelry lion claw jewelry longhorn jewelry panda bear jewelry owl jewelry
Lion Jewelry
Lion Claw Jewelry
Custom Lion Claw Jewelry Longhorn Jewelry Louisiana Pelican Jewelry Owl Jewelry
owl jewelry polar bear jewelry rhino jewelry roadrunner jewelry sable jewelry
Panda Jewelry Polar Bear Jewelry Rhinoceros Jewelry Roadrunner Jewelry Sable Jewelry
serval jewelry wolf jewelry
African Serval Jewelry Wolf Jewelry

Wildlife jewelry and charm designs. We offer Wildlife jewelry charms, earrings, pendants and other Wildlife jewelry designs in silver and gold. Our Wildlife jewelry and charm designs make wonderful additions to your own Wildlife jewelry collection as well as perfect gifts for any Wildlife jewelry lover. All of our Wildlife jewelry designs are handcrafted by artists Julian Esquivel and Ted Fees. Included in our Wildlife jewelry collection are African serval cat, gorilla jewelry, kangaroo, longhorn, koala bear, owl, American bald eagle and wolf jewelry and charm designs. We now offer custom bear claw jewelry designs and bear claw jewelry Fox Jewelry, Asiatic and Cape Buffalo Jewelry, armadillo jewelry.