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Original Honeybee and Flower Jewelry, Sunflower, Four Leaf Clover and Wildflower Jewelry Designs by Artists Ted Fees and Julian Esquivel

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honeybee jewelry honey bee charms black eyed susan jewelry and charms Texas bluebonnet jewelry bluebonnet charms Texas bluebonnet jewelry bluebonnet charms
Honey Bee Jewelery Black Eyed Susan Jewelry Bluebonnet Jewelry Carnation Jewelry
Calla Lily Jewelery Daffodil Jewelry Daisy Jewelry
Calla Lily Jewelry Chrysanthemum Flower Jewelry Daffodil Jewelry Daisy Jewelry
dandelion jewelry dandelion charms Dogwood Flower Jewelry drummond phlox jewelry drummond phlox charms fleur de lis jewelry
Dandelion Jewelry Dogwood Flower Jewelry Drummond Phlox Jewelry Fleur De Lis Jewelry
four leaf clover jewelry four leaf clover charms four leaf clover jewelry four leaf clover charms Hibiscus Jewelry and Hibiscus Charms Holly Charms and Holly Jewelry
Forget-Me-Not Flower Jewelry Four Leaf Clover Jewelry Hibiscus Jewelry Holly Jewelry
indian paintbrush jewelry Magnolia Jewelry
Indian Paintbrush Jewelry Lily Flower Jewelry Magnolia Flower Jewelry Morning Glory Flower Jewelry
Orchid Jewelry   Poinsettia jewelry purple coneflower jewerly
Orchid Jewelry Peony Flower Jewelry Poinsettia Jewelry Purple Coneflower Jewelry
Plumeria jewerly rose jewelry rose charms sego lily charms sego lily jewelry
four leaf clover jewelry
Plumeria Flower Jewelry Rose Jewelry
sunflower jewelry sunflwer charms Texas star jewelry texas star charms
Trillium Flower Jewelry
wine cup jewelry wine cup charms
Sunflower Jewelry Winecup Flower Jewelry

We invite you to view our original and unique flower jewelry and wildflower jewelry and Fleur De Lis jewelry, orchid jewelry and orchid charms, wildflower charm, four leaf clover jewelry, four leaf clover charms and fleur de lis charm and designs. We offer wildflower charms, earrings, pendants and other wildflower jewelry and fleur de lis jewelry designs in silver and gold. Our wildflower jewelry and charm designs make wonderful additions to your own wildflower and fleur de lis jewelry collection as well as perfect gifts for any wildflower jewelry lover. All of our wildflower designs are handcrafted by artists Julian Esquivel and Ted Fees. Our new silver and gold dogwood flower jewelry and dogwood flower charms and shamrock jewelry and shamrock charms in silver and gold - Magnolia Jewelry and Magnolia, Holly, Poinsettia, Trillium and Daisy flower charms.