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Original Dog Charms and Dog Jewelry Designs. Dog Breed Jewelry and Dog Breed Charms Index

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What Our Customers say...

Hi Ted,
I got my charms today and I love them!
I have searched high and low over many years, and have seen just about every website known to man that makes dog breed jewelry, but there isn't anything that touches the ability you guys have to capture the essence of each particular breed. It was never good enough for me to just have any old charm claiming to be a Miniature Pinscher or Miniature Schnauzer or Boston Terrier. They needed to BE my boys, and these truly are. All 3 breed designs that I now proudly own are the spitting image of my dogs in physical looks and personality alike.
K. H.

dog breed jewelry collection by breed
Afghan - 7 pages of jewelry
Alaskan Malamute - 1 page of jewelry
Australian Shepherd - 13 pages
Airedale Terrier - 13 pages of jewelry
Amer. Staff. Terrier - 9 pages of jewelry
Australian Cattle Dog Jewelry

Basenji - coming soon
Beagle - 9 pages of jewelry
Bedlington Terrier - 1 page of jewelry
Belgian Tervuren Jewelry
Bernese Mountain Dog Jewelry
Boston Terrier Charms and Jewelry
Bloodhound - 10 page of jewelry
Briard Jewelry and Briard Charms
Brittany - 6 pages of jewelry
Bull Terrier - 9 pages of jewelry
Basset Hound - 4 pages of jewelry
Bearded Collie - 2 pages of jewelry
Bichon Frise - 11 pages of jewelry
Border Collie - 4 pages of jewelry
Boxer - 8 pages of jewelrys
Brussels Griffon - 12 pages of jewelry
Bulldog - 10 pages of jewelry

Cairn Terrier - 24 pages of jewelry
Chihuahua - 28 pages of jewelry
Chow Chow - 1 page of jewelry
Collie - 8 pages of jewelry
Cavalier King Charles Jewelry
Corgi, Welsh - 3 pages of jewelry
Chinese Crested - 3 pages of jewelry
Cocker Spaniel - 10 pages of jewelry

Dachshund - 29 pages of jewelry
Doberman - 5 pages of jewelry
English Toy Spaniel Jewelry
Dalmatian Charms and Jewelry
English Sheepdog - 2 pages of jewelry
Fox Terrier Jewelry - 1 page
French Bulldog Charms and Jewelry

German Shepherd Jewelry
Great Dane Jewelry
Griffon Jewelry

Golden Retriever Jewelry
Goldendoodle Jewelry
Great Pyrenees Jewelry
Greyhound Jewelry
Havanese Jewelry - 6 pages of jewelry
Irish Setter - 3 pages of jewelry
Irish Wolfhound - 2 pages of jewelry
Italian Greyhound - 19 pages of jewelry
Jack Russell - 16 pages of jewelry

Japanese Chin - 5 pages of jewelry
Keeshond Charms and Jewerly
Labrador Retriever Jewelry
Labradoodle Jewelry
Lhasa Apso Jewelry
Maltese Jewelry
Mastiff Jewelry
Newfoundland Jewelry
Norfolk Terrier Jewelry
Norwich Terrier Jewelry
Malamute Jewelry
Min Pin Jewelry
Old English Sheepdog Jewelry
Papillon - 8 pages of jewelry
Pit Bull - 9 pages of jewelry
Poodle - 17 pages of jewelry
Pomeranian - 16 pages of jewelry
Pug - 29 pages of jewelry
Pekingese - 15 pages of jewelry
Petite Basset Griffon Vandeen
Jewelry and PBGV Charms

Pointer Jewelry
Portuguese Water Dog Jewelry
Rat Terrier Jewelry
Rottweiler Jewelry
rhodesian ridgeback jewelry Rhodesian Ridgeback Jewelry

Saluki - 1 page of jewelry
Schipperke - 8 pages of jewelry
Scottie - 20 pages of jewelry
Sealyham Terrier Jewelry
Shar-Pei - 4 pages of jewelry
Shiba Inu - 5 pages of jewelry
Shih Tzu - 13 pages of jewelry
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Samoyed Jewelry
Schnauzer Jewelry
Sheltie Jewelry
Siberian Husky - 3 pages of jewelry
Silky Terrier - 2 pages of jewelry
Skye Terrier - 1 page of jewelry
Springer Spaniel - 12 pages of jewelry
Tibetan Spaniel
Tibetan Terrier
Vizsla - 3 pages of jewelry
Welsh Corgi - 3 pages of jewelry
Wheaten - 5 pages of jewelry
Yorkshire Terrier - 14 pgs of jewelry

Weimaraner - 1 page of jewelry
Westie Jewelry
Wire Hair Dachshund Jewelry
Original hand crafted designer dog jewelry for people. Silver dog charm and silver dog jewelry as well as gold dog charms and gold dog jewelry. Our dog jewelry designs are perfect gifts for dog lovers. In addition to the dog charms listed here we also offer custom jewelry designs.